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PR Fitness Equipment is seeking a highly motivated hard-working individual for a position as a warehouse/delivery technician in an expanding fitness equipment company.  Position responsibilities are diverse and advancement opportunities are available.

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20% off any new or pre-owned treadmill in our inventory. The discount is applied to the advertised price of the pre-owned treadmills or applied to the retail price of new treadmills. 20% Off New or Pre-Owned Treadmill Thru 11/30/2020

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Here is a bit of fitness info that might be of interest. This is from Michael Scott Scudder on group fitness classes.
First, establish your Maximum Room Capacity:
Square Footage of your exercise room less 100 Divide that number by 35
This number is your maximum number of participants per class

Example: 1500 square foot exercise room (1500 - 100 = 1400/35  = 40 - your  MRC)

Next, recognize that if you do not have at least 30% of your MRC in attendance in a class;
you should either change instructors, change the class or cancel it outright! (In the above example, a "breakeven class" is no less than 12 attendees.)

Sun, 11/03/2013 - 12:53pm
ADA Picture

ADA Requirements for Fitness Centers

A link to the ADA regulations for fitness facilities below:

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