ADA Regulations

Sun, 11/03/2013 - 12:53pm
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ADA Requirements for Fitness Centers

A link to the ADA regulations for fitness facilities below:

The new ADA standards state that a fitness facility must ensure at least one of each type of exercise equipment is accessible to people with disabilities. This requirement means that every piece of equipment, unless an exact duplicate of the same model exists, must be accessible. For example, if a facility has multiple circuits of fitness equipment, even if two machines target the same body part, all pieces must be placed in a way that they can be used by someone with a disability. Each piece needs an accessible space  (minimum 30 inches by 48 inches) for either forward or parallel “position for transfer” (space required for someone with a wheelchair room to enter and exit the equipment).

It is a requirement for almost all fitness facilities, both new and pre-existing.

Not complying with these requirements can be expensive. The Department of Justice can seek monetary damages and civil penalties up to $55,000 for a first offense and up to $110,000 for each subsequent offense. In addition, many states allow individuals to directly sue businesses for discrimination outside of the Department of Justice. This means fitness facilities can be sued by one or more individuals for any violation.

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